Code of Conduct

Safety is our careful planning

Safe is a condition that doesn't arise by itself, but must be created with careful planning.

Safety is our priceless

There is no cost limit for safe conditions, because there is no price in the world that is able to count and value a safety.

Work with Smartness

Work while thinking about what you are doing.

Work with Responsibilities

Get to know your responsibility in working first before you pay attention of people mistakes and getting rid of them.

Work with Happiness

Work with a joyful heart. Because the pleasure will cause comfort in work.

Knowledge about Tools and Material

Get to know every material and equipment that you use at work.

There is No Superior and More Powerful

We must be deal that there is nothing more powerful and superior at work

Communicate to Supervisor for All Irregularity

Communicate as little as possible irregularities to your supervisor and team leader.

First Safety is come from the Family

The family is the last of safety, as well as the beginning of the trigger for any unsafe conditions in the workplace.

Customer is Absolute Transparency

Nothing Hidden in communication with customers, and that’s absolute with unlimited.