Our Policy

1. The company is committed to implementing health, safety and environmental protection program with good care, and the company guarantees that all employees and workers and any party connected with the company can be maintained Health, and avoid unhealthy conditions, accidents and adverse impacts from environmental pollution.

2. The company will comply with all applicable laws regarding health, safety and environmental protection.

3. Continuous and continuous improvement to improve the quality of health, safety and environmental protection Program.

4. The company has a mission to develop and maintain sustainable health, safety and environmental protection Program.

5. The company will form the health committee, Labour and Environmental protection in order to implement all programs that have been compiled.

6. The company will identify and control all potential and sources of hazards and environmental aspects in the company's operations.

7. The company will provide health training, occupational safety and environmental protection to improve the culture and awareness of the importance of health, work and environmental protection.

8. The company invites all employees and workers to participate actively and share information with others to further raise awareness about the importance of health, safety and environmental protection.

All corporate elements of PT. Harnike Bahtera Reliable, hereinafter referred to as the company uphold the spirit and the value of ANTI-CORRUPTION and determined and will implement fully in the running of corporate business wheels.

The company fully realizes the prohibition and appeal of ANTI-CORRUPTION as formally promulgated by the State Government of the Republic of Indonesia in law No. 31 year 1999 Jo Act No. 20 year 2001 on criminal eradication Corruption.

Under no circumstances shall all the company's officers, Commissioners, directors, managers and all employees be prohibited from:

1. Directly or indirectly offer, give, promise, solicit, or accept any form of BRIBERY and GRATUITY that violates the law and is forbidden to or from a person either a private employee or individual, a civil servant and state organizers, or institutions or including state agencies, state-owned enterprises, private companies or public organisations.

2. Make payments directly or indirectly to for the purpose of bribery and gratuities that are acts of corruption that may be made through vendors, consultants, partners, legal consultants or any agents on behalf of The company with or without providing a letter of authorization from the company.

3. To be a part of the receiver or the distributor of any business results deemed as a CORRUPTION and crime in finance in accordance with Law No. 8 of 2010 concerning the prevention and Eradication of Laundering crimes Money. The Company will act very carefully against the impersonation efforts of money and money laundering results that will enter into the inclusion of both direct and private participation and through indirect inclusion of the company's equity structure. "Something precious and valuable" is a very broad concept that encompasses all kinds of advantages or benefits. Therefore, the company will always make efforts and refinements of the company's regulations and governance in the case of ANTI-CORRUPTION.

1. The company considers that all data and information related to the company's operations and business are part of the intellectual property that must be maintained and CONFIDENTIAL.

2. Any object that is part of the information and important Data in the company may be granted the right to request the modification of Data, correction, suspension of such information. But the company reserves the right to refuse and restrict the above mentioned requests by considering the factors deemed necessary.

3. The company has an obligation to keep any valuable information obtained legally and lawfully from the customer or business relation of the company and assure that such data will not be provided to any party either in order to run The company's business is exempt from receiving the mandate from the written information provider with the following exceptions:
• In the case of the Tribunal and the law in which the Tribunal has decided that the company or state organizer is authorised to request that the information be disclosed.
• For personal information where the information owner has expressed his or her willingness to open such information with certain written purposes.

4. Any individual who is in the organizational structure of the company is obliged to abide by and comply with the Data protection policy and the information set by the company, and any breach of such matter shall constitute a mistake and will be seriously followed by involving several Parties and related individuals therein.

5. In obtaining personal information, the company acquires it in a legal manner and in accordance with the code of the data request adopted by the informer, and the Company shall inform clearly regarding the intent and purpose of the request Such personal information.

1. The company supports and appreciates human rights protection in conducting the company's business in accordance with the international Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Declaration on Human Rights and seeks to avoid The occurrence of human rights restoration by other parties that are directly or indirectly related.

2. The policies taken and made by the company do not contradict and have been in accordance with the protection of human Rights and the International Declaration on the Rights and principles of the workplace; Child rights and business principles; Principles of women Empowerment; And the relevant United Nations Global agreement, as well as providing the right to carry out the worship of the same faith as our employees and workers.

3. The company runs its business with the spirit of treating all workers and employees equally and fairly without any discrimination, and the workers and employees of the company have the right to work in-between and conditions that respect the rights and dignity of Their.

4. The company respects freedom of association with Itikat both with organizations that are formed and selected collectively to represent them in the framework of the national labor law that exists and accordingly.

5. The company respects the rights of people affected by the company's operational activities, and seeks to take appropriate measures to address and recover them.

6. The company takes action and decision based on facts and based on approach, prevention and prudence and integrated in environmental management related to the community and residents who are around the location Company's operations.

7. The company hopes to all parties in relation to us can comply and respect the governance of respect and Apresisai of human Rights (HAM) that has been created by the company, and the company is open in cooperation with the parties To explain the approach we use in bringing positive influences to common interests.

In conducting business, the company strongly prioritizes the principle of fair and honest business that brings positive value added positively to the environment related to the company, both individual and community.
The company also creates economical value for the customer, so that it can bring good influence into the company in an effort to form the future of the company and increase the company's valuation so as to reject any behavior that is not true and does not Operational steering of the company, among others:
1. Any price issued by the company is a REASONABLE value, without the principle of greed without the MANIPULATION process or by the practice of a disgraceful business relationship that all comes down to providing protection to Customer and service users of the company.

2. Be committed to maintaining a reasonable valuation and market value at the policy of the price issued by the company, by not engaging in efforts, illegal communications and any discussions and talks whether with competitors, suppliers Materials, as well as regulators and other stakeholders either directly or through the covert agents or through the confidential and electronic-built communications that lead to the creation of the MONOPOLY market conditions, Including not forcing themselves to achieve substantial gains with market price irregulety which is also potentially damaging to the order and balance on the demand and availability of products or services of the market.

3. Avoiding any conditions that could potentially cause unfair competition actions such as:

• Obtain unauthorized price estimates and proposals from competitors either through the company's leadership, Manager, Supervisor and other employees who are directly or indirectly placed in the competitor's company And only take reference sources from publicly and formally opened communication sources.
• Serve each customer with the same strata and code of ethics without exception and reject the effort posed by the prospective customer with the lure of the order quota or an exclusive contract to the company for the purpose of mastering the market or Closes the company's business line in other market areas aimed at protecting the other party exclusively directly or indirectly which aims to control the market by the other party in MONOPOLY.
• Try to restrict yourself actively in each of the meetings organized by the business associations regarding the topic of problems that are sensitive and vulnerable to healthy business competition such as price, cost, and marketing strategy.
• Direct and indirect induction of the importance of the efforts built to promote the spirit of ANTITRUST and healthy business competition to suppliers, vendors and supplier of material materials needed By the company.

4. Avoiding any effort and communication either directly or indirectly with any party related to production and marketing stages aimed at controlling part or territorial division of the marketing area.

5. Close all lines and gaps that allow Insider Trading to maintain public reputation and trust both brightly and indirectly, or indirectly through another business entity with the following Ownership in equity and corporate shareholding.