Our Services

Tank Storages Overhaul & Maintenances

We serve Storage Tank treatments including tank Overhaul, Engineering and Repair, Cleaning, Painting and Maintenance Services.

Pipelines Services & Maintenances

It includes work services on piping construction design, manufacture and installation of pipelines and their maintenance, Integration of Pipelines, both for oil and gas and non-oil-and-gas pipelines as well as fire extinguisher, testing and commissioning pipelines.

Manpower Supply

We also serve periodic services for Supporting Labor Providers in the oil and Gas sector such as; Electrical Support Services Workers, Mechanical Support Services Workers, Instruments and Safety Support Workers, Fire Brigade as well as Officer and Administrative Support Workers.

Heat Treatment

We serve the Heat Treatment Work including Dry-Out (Heat Curing) Work, Pre-Heat Welding, Post Weld Heat Treatment, and Solution Annealing.

Project Consulting

We also serve Consulting services for projects that are ongoing and will be performed including Planning and Financing Consultation and HSE (Health Safety Environmental) Consulting related.